• November 26, 2015 /  Novel Dare: November 2015, Novel Dares, Novels

    Happy Thanksgiving, guys! Hope you had a wonderful day. It was 62 and sunny here, gorgeous weather!

    Struggled to get in some wordage, but managed a few pages. Nighters!

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  • Off work the next two days, but will have a house full of company. Not sure how successful I’ll be at getting words written while family is here. But will try my damnedest.

    Still bouncing around through the story, writing things out of order. Which feels kind of fun because I’ve never written like this before. It feels very uncomfortable, but I’m not going to interfere with the change. If there’s one thing I’ve learned across my twenty-year career, it is to get out of my own way. If my writer brain wants to write like this, I’m just going to stand back and see what happens. It’s just so different from my traditional process. So, I’m going to see it as an opportunity and follow this rabbit hole to wherever it leads. Nighters.

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  • November 24, 2015 /  Novel Dare: November 2015, Novel Dares, Novels

    Decent word count that led to an interesting discovery. Someone cheated death. With the help of Se’nya, Anna Charles’ mother, Cassidy and Griff try to work through some clues that will reveal the details about a shamanic ritual. Once they understand the ritual, they have to locate the missing pieces from a music box tied to the ritual. But they don’t yet realize that triggering this box again will have some nasty consequences. Such as casting Griff and Cassidy back to 1914 Paris just as the Great War begins. As an invasion of Paris looms only days away, Cassidy and Griff have to uncover Lily Danvers’ connection to the music box (and Paris) before they are trapped on the Western Front. The plot thickens. Less than 8K to go on this draft.


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  • November 23, 2015 /  Novel Dare: November 2015, Novel Dares, Novels

    Less than 10K from my 50K goal. Onward and upward. Thanks again, Dayle, Vi, and Ron. As always, I appreciate your support. :)


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  • November 22, 2015 /  Novel Dare: November 2015, Novel Dares

    Didn’t manage to break 40K tonight. Hopefully, tomorrow. And hopefully, I’ll hit 50K before my Thanksgiving guests.

    I’ve found myself writing stuff out of order. Usually, I write a story in a linear fashion, but this one is becoming a patchwork of chapters as I jump around to pieces I want to cover. Very strange for me. I’ll just wait and see how it all comes together. Nighters.

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  • Didn’t get a lot done tonight. Got some bad news that my uncle Robert (my dad’s brother) passed away yesterday morning. He’d had quite a few health problems:  hip replacement that hadn’t gone well, putting him in a wheelchair; severe kidney issues so he’d been on dialysis for months, putting him in the hospital several times. He went into the hospital on Wednesday and they found an inoperable brain tumor. He didn’t last very long at that point. He was 84. My dad had been one of twelve kids and grew up on a dairy farm. Dad only had two brothers younger than him and one of them was Robert. They were very, very close, only 1 1/2 years apart. He looked almost just like Johnny Cash. It was really uncanny how much they looked alike. Will miss him.

  • November 20, 2015 /  Novel Dare: November 2015, Novel Dares

    Good word count tonight. Still puttering along. Things are getting weird fast. Nighters.

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  • November 19, 2015 /  Novel Dare: November 2015, Novel Dares

    If I can write at least 1500 words a day, I’ll at least finish NaNoWriMo. This book’s gonna be A LOT longer than 50K. Which is more than I’ve written in awhile, so it’s all good. Too bad because the book’s really starting to move into the fun part. But on the plus side, we’re getting extra holidays at work this year for winter break, so hopefully, I’ll have extra days to work on the book while I’m winding up for the anthology workshop. God, it feels like a lifetime since I’ve written a short story. I have a shitload of one-pagers and snippets of ideas I tried to write while my mom was laid up and then when my colon was pissing me off (guess that’s more bladder than colon, but shitting me off just doesn’t sound right, does it?) Ah, aging, it’s like a ninja at first, sneaking up now and then to remind you you’re not eighteen any more, and then it becomes like that freeloading relative that starts taking away everything you’ve got. As they say, old age ain’t for sissies!


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  • November 18, 2015 /  Novel Dare: November 2015, Novel Dares

    Cracked 3K tonight in my daily word count and moved the story along. Almost into the cool part. Finally out of the red with 30K which puts me on the up side of reaching 50K. That’s what I’m shooting for on this one, a very rough draft of a book that will most likely be 110K or so. Isabel’s Tears came in just under 117K in its final form, so I expect this one to be close to that when it’s all done. I have no illusions about finishing this book in November. I embarked on this Novel Dare to start up my writing again after my 1.5 year life roll halted all writing of any kind. Not exactly back, but I’m working on it. Makes me sad because in Jan 2014, I’d never felt more confident about my work. Now, I just feel rusty and I feel like I lost that place I’d been at. It’s gotta be out there somewhere though, so all I can do is keep searching for it.

  • November 17, 2015 /  Novel Dare: November 2015, Novel Dares

    Meh word count but fun turn of story events. Early day again tomorrow, so I have to stop writing. But…left everything on a creepy cool cliffhanger. Will enjoy mulling over this creepy music box that Griff just brought home to the inn.


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