• February 8, 2014 /  Short Stories, Writing News


    Hi everyone,

    I’m delighted to report that WMG Publishing has chosen my story, Speechless in Seattle, as this week’s free podcast this week!  It’s also available in print in Fiction River‘s Hex in the City anthology. Discover The Seattle Library of the Hidden Arts!  Find out what happens when a novice wizard stutters a spell that accidentally sets free every familiar in the city.

    Go listen!  Jane Kennedy’s voice can take you to new worlds and mystical places.


    Hex in the City





  • December 30, 2013 /  Short Stories

    Working on a bunch of short stories.  Making good progress.  I’m so glad I took this week off from work.  Getting A TON of stuff written!


  • December 28, 2013 /  Novel Dare: December 2013, Novel Dares, Novels

    Sitting here a little stunned.  I just typed the last line of BLINDED.  Just a handful of words shy of 65K.  There’s a TON OF CLEANUP like there is with BROKEN that I haven’t done yet.  But book 3 in the series is done.  Already feeling a little sad that it’s over.  Guess I’ll need to switch gears tomorrow and start working on short stories for my workshop.  Wow … feeling a little lost at the moment.  An odd reaction I wasn’t expecting to have.  I’ve been living and breathing these characters for 2 straight months.

    Yay me for finishing 2 novels in 2 months.  A first for me.


    Listening to:  Feast on Scraps by Alanis Morissette

  • December 27, 2013 /  Novel Dare: December 2013, Novel Dares, Novels

    Just about to shut the door on Act II.  One more event and the story rolls off the cliff full tilt into Act III.  Broke 55K tonight.  Should be about 65K when I’m done.  The end’s rushing up fast.


  • December 26, 2013 /  Novel Dare: December 2013, Novel Dares, Novels

    Still closing down Act II.  Just a bit more ground to cover.  Act III when I get there be quick.  Very shortly (1.5 more chapters), all hell is gonna break loose.  I think this book will end up being about 60-62K.  A bit shorter than the previous one.  We’ll see.  Still aiming to finish this book by Sunday.  And from what I can see, I think I’m on track to do it.


  • Had a nice lunch with my mom, my ex-sister-in-law (who’s like a sister to me) and my nephew.  We hung out, chatted, and enjoyed the quiet day.  With the few hours I had left of the day, I put a few words onto the page.  Tomorrow, I have all day and night to write.  I’m currently over 45K and Act III is approaching fast!  My goal is to finish Blinded by Sunday.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll get to start writing another novel until March.  So, depending how the writing goes in January and February, I’ll either start Betrayed in late Feb/early Mar or shift away to a different book.  There are a few other ideas that have been nagging me for a long time to write them.d

    Working on short story ideas for some anthologies, too.  Have been jotting down the possibilities all week.  Exploring some  interesting speculations that I hope to start turning into stories this weekend or early next week.  Hope they pan out.  We’ll see.



  • December 25, 2013 /  Novel Dare: December 2013, Novel Dares, Novels

    Act II is ramping up, things beginning to fall into place as the conflict gears up for Act III.  Just need to work through a few more events that will set the final conflict into motion as things get ugly fast.  I’m really feeling the pressure now because I have a lot of short fiction deadlines coming up fast.  Definitely need to finish this novel on time.

    Merry Christmas!

  • December 23, 2013 /  Novel Dare: December 2013, Novel Dares, Novels

    Final build up to the third act.  Things will start moving even faster now.  Hoping to finish this book by Sunday.  We’ll see.


    Listening to:  Deep Still Blue by 2002

  • December 22, 2013 /  Novel Dare: December 2013, Novel Dares, Novels

    Broke 40K tonight.  Thrilled with that.  If only I had my family presents wrapped.  Tomorrow, I hope.


    Listening to:  Parallel Dreams by Loreen McKennitt

  • December 22, 2013 /  Novel Dare: December 2013, Novel Dares, Novels

    Got a few words down today, but with Christmas Eve just around the corner, I had too many other things to do.  Two more work days and I’ll be off work for several days and can make my final push to the end of the book.